What's That Smell Download – for WowWee Group Ltd

WARNING: DELICATE NOSES BEWARE! Player Discretion Advised.

The What’s That Smell app is the official companion app to the party game that stinks! What’s that Smell? is the hilariously fragrant guessing game that opens up a world of interesting whiffs. Guess the scents correctly to win or you may suffer the stinky consequences!

Game box comes with 48 Mystery Whiff Cards, 4 Stank Cards including Hot Chunky Vomit, Diaper Blowout, Smothered in B.O. and Extra Old Toe Cheese, 4 resealable scent-barrier bags, 6 cardholders, Whiff Strips, a scorepad and instructions.
For 2-6 Players ages 14+

Download the What’s That Smell companion app for more fun:

– Concentrate on your sniffing: The app will keep track of what’s happening during the game.

– Earn extra bonus points by comparing your guesses with other people who played the game. Look up additional answers in-app or even submit your own.

– Most importantly: Record the priceless Whiff Of Shame, complete with fun Stank Card filters you can add and a don’t-miss-a-revolting-second slow-mo effect!

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