Dinosaurs – Game about Jurassic Park Dinosaurs! Download – for Educational quizzes

Guess 165 breeds of dinosaur species: from Tyrannosaurus rex (T-Rex) and Diplodocus to Segisaurus and Spinosaurus. Welcome to Jurassic park game!

The dinosaur species are divided into two levels of based on the difficulty of questions. You can start dinosaur -Quiz with 83 well-known dinosaurs such as T. Rex and Stegosaurus and proceed with 82 rare dinosaurs such as Eoraptor and Ceratosaurus. This is the whole encyclopedia of Jurassic period!

You can choose different game modes:

1) Multiple-choice questions – identify the species of the dinosaurs shown on the screen.

2) Time game – give more than 30 correct answers to get a star. You have only one minute.

3) Yes/No game – guess is the Dino correctly signed in the photo

Two learning modes:

* Flashcards – browse all pictures of Dino in the application.

* List of all 165 dinosaur species in the app.

The app is translated into 6 languages. So you can learn the names of the dinosaurs in any of them. Feel yourself in a Jurassic park!

An educational game for all Jurassic park lovers!

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