MigCalendar – Migraine Diary v3.0.2 APK for Android

Your migraine diary – always ready to hand! And, of course, printable.
In MigCalendar you can diarize
as many events
as you like. These are sorted in
different time periods
and shown in a clear way. You can
export every month as a PDF
and take it to your next consultation.
● Create events with
5 different migraine types
● Add individual migraine causes to every event and export them
Premium only
● Insert your
● All events are sorted into
different time periods
with different symbols and can be seen in calendar weeks
● Delete events
● Choose a month and export all events to a
printable PDF
● Insert your forename, surname and medication to your exported PDF
Premium only
● Save the date of your last consultation and see it in the export screen
Premium only
● All
data is stored on your phone
, you have full control over your health data!
If you maintain your migraine diary forcefully, you and your doctor are able to gather important information about your type and progress of your migraine, possible trigger and the effectiveness of your therapy!
Do you have bugs or suggestions? I’m looking forward to hear about feedback! Please keep in mind, that MigCalendar is a spare time project.
TRANSLATION: Are you interested in translating this app into your mother tongue? Please contact me!
Please note: Despite the utmost care in the development of the program incorrect information , incorrect storage or reproduction of data, and data loss can never be excluded with absolute certainty. For this reason, the use of the app is always at your own risk . By purchasing and installing the app you agree to these conditions.

Download XAPK(5.2MB)

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