Last30SurahQuran v4.4 for Android

Last 30 Surah QuranLast 30 Surah Quran

Last 30 Surah with audio of Quran is an Islamic application with real Quranic Font.

This app is related with Muslims and it have heart touching and amazing sound of 30 last Surah of Holy Quran include

arabic recite of beautiful Qari Recitation and full urdu translation with HD Images and clear text of quran last surah.

This app is start from Surah Al-Buruj to Surah An-Nas. All small surah of quran is having very easy and attractive user Interface.

It help all peoples who have no internet connection, once you install this quran majeed surahs app then no need of internet.

This app helps those who read during any travel where they can not found internet connection easily.

Last 30 Surah of Quran majeed include following 30 surah list

1- Al Buraj

2- Al Tariq

3- Al Ala

4- Al Ghashiyah

5- Al Fajar

6- Al Balad

7- Ash-Shams

8- Al layal

9- Adh Duha

10- Al inshira

11. Surah At-Tin

12. Surah Al-Alaq

13. Surah Al-Qadar

14. Surah Al-Bayinah

15. Surah Az-Zalzalah

17. Surah Al-Adiyah

18. Surah Al-Qari’ah

19. Surah At-Takathur

20. Surah Al-Asr

21. Surah Al-Humazah

22. Surah Al-Fil

23. Surah Quraysh

24. Surah Al-Ma`un

25. Surah Al-Kawthar

26. Surah Al-Kafirun

27. Surah An-Nasr

28. Surah Al-Masad

29. Surah Al-‘Ikhlas

30. Surah An-Nas


> Complete Urdu Translation

> Full Last 30 Surah

> Play and Pause Options

> Attractive GUI

> Mp3 full Surah Recite

> Qari recitation of all last surah

> Clear and HD pages with Quranic Font text

> List of all last 30 surah of Quran Majeed
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Download APK(6.0MB)

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